Lady Sloth Portrait

This crafty sloth is an expert at crochet. She has been crocheting her entire life, utilizing her grandmother’s technique of using her own claws instead of needles. If you commission her to make you a scarf, it will be worth the (extraordinarily long) wait. 

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All images copyright Ryan Berkley Illustration, thanks.


So this piece was birthed from the same twitter prompt that Doc Shaner used for his piece, and i wanted to follow suit. If i got to create a 7-person all-female Justice League team, this would be it. I like to think of them as a “blitz” team. hit them hard, hit them fast. no muss, no fuss. that top row coincidently are my favourite dc characters as well. This would also be my dream book if I ever worked for DC. the Zatanna design of course is taken from Jamal’s perfect (in my opinion) design for her.

This might get me to read a DC book.


Osman Spring 2015 

Jetta Much?


i spent too much time on this


Cruising the woods